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We empower growing and evolving retailers to secure their margins and brand integrity through the development of their own private label collections. Working closely with our customers, we create quality trend forward jewelry for targeted audiences.


Specializing in fashionable, high quality rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets, we craft custom designs that are tailored around our customers’ businesses and goals. And with more than 30 years of experience, we understand how to deliver designs aligned with current, classic and advanced trends.


Our expert team empowers retailers to expand and leverage their online growth by optimizing their omni-channel sales presence. From lab certification, to direct importing, to private label packaging and projected sales analysis, we cater to the full spectrum of your fulfillment related needs.


We Create with Our Customers in Mind

Because relationships matter.

Driven by passion and more than 30 years of experience, we have deep insight into the essentials necessary for building successful partnerships within our industry.

Chief among these is our commitment to generating designs tailored around our customers’ businesses and goals. This includes paying close attention to our partners needs and competitive landscape, and ensuring that our designs clearly help them distinguish themselves from other retailers.

Classically Elegant Designs

Our quality speaks for itself.

Inspired by trends both past and present, all of our collections are thoughtfully curated with an artisanal blend of scale, style, quality and perspective.

Specializing in fashionable, high quality rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets, designers at Goldmall have consistently looked to create distinctive designs relevant to our customers' markets.

Through decades of acquired knowledge, we're always in touch with the fashion Jewelry industry as a whole, and understand how to deliver pieces aligned with current, classic and advanced trends.

Click contact us below, and one of our expert account managers will walk you through our latest designs.



We're the perfect sales partner.

At Goldmall, we recognize the growing need for an omni-channel retail presence.

The jewelry market’s constantly evolving changes in consumer behavior, best exemplified by the rapid increase of online jewelry sales year to year, demands traditional brick and mortar retailers to be quick to adapt in order to thrive.

To help capture greater market share and increase overall customer satisfaction, our team of experts provides retailers with powerful advice and insight on specific fulfillment procedures. Through this, we empower retailers to expand and leverage both their online presence and brick and mortar locations for growth.


Decades of combined experiences.

In business since 1979, we’ve spent more than 30 years learning how to drive our customers’ profits. Working directly with buyers, our expert team uses data analysis to project how quickly a style will sell; Helping retailers meet their sales and margin goals.

Additionally, our expertise lends itself to

  • Increasing your omni-channel presence
  • Logistics management (to satisfy customer demands)
  • Product photography
  • Data + projected sales analysis


Specialization at its finest.

When partnering with Goldmall, you can leverage our technology and logistics infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your core business. We pride ourselves on our ability to receive, fulfill, and ship stock orders within two business days — 98% of the time (96% within the same day). We also assure our clients a reliable and scalable process to exceed customers’ expectations.

Our highly knowledgeable support team caters to a wide range of fulfillment related needs, including:

  • Lab certification
  • Direct importing
  • Consumer drop shipping
  • Private label packaging

High-tech Jewelry Manufacturing

We' re much more than a wholesaler.

Goldmall directly works with Goldnet Srl., which has ISO 9001 approved high-tech manufacturing facilities in Bucharest, Romania — the prime center of the gemstone industry.

This first hand access to a manufacturing facility empowers Goldmall to control the entire supply chain, as well as satisfy our customers' production needs on every level.

Our Manufacturer’s Facilities

Ensuring commitment to the best of quality — from the inside out.

Goldnet, our exclusive manufacturing resource, is committed to safe and quality craftsmanship. To accomplish this, they don’t just invest in their facilities — they invest in their people. Providing welfare and education, and promoting from within.

In addition to the health and safety of its employees, Goldnet is equally committed to using only conflict-free material in its production process, and fully complying with all applicable Thai and International environmental laws and regulations. This includes being audited and certified as a “green factory.”


Helping You Invest in Your Private Label

Augment your brand value with a private label collection.

As the fine jewelry industry becomes increasingly price competitive, developing a private label collection has never been more of an attractive method for retailers to secure their margins and brand integrity.

At Goldmall, we pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with retailers, creating quality, elegant, classic, on trend and specific value jewelry that caters to targeted audiences.

Recent studies have concluded that “every jewelry company should seek to strengthen and differentiate its brands through unique, distinctive designs”[1]. At present, branded jewelry labels capture only 20% of the jewelry market, but experts project that by 2020, the market share of branded jewelry will substantially increase by nearly double.

Regardless of a retailer’s size, it’s evident that directly investing in differentiation — through the development of proprietary pieces and personalized collections— will substantially help retailers adjust to future consumer behavior.

Partnering with Goldmall

The combination of having a high quality, vertically-aligned supply chain, and a non-branded presence in the market, allows us to empower our retailers to augment their personal brand. If you are considering a private label solution, contact us to learn how we can enhance your brand value with an exclusive private label collection. We’ll help you get started today.

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